Friday, 3 April 2015

American Dream

White Platform Sneakers // Primark
Pink Polka Pug Socks // River Island
Black 90's Choker // Ollllddd can't remember where from!

Apologies for looking mega tired n the bad hair day - school nights out, clocks going forward and windy weather take there toll on my skin and hair lol! but really wanted to get another OOTD up as I have so many other posts lined up for this month I need to get them all done! damn u weather!! :)

Anyhoo, leading on from my Missguided wishlist, thought it would be cool to start my more springy/summery posts with a Missguided number - this being the awesome American Dream dress I'm wearing here!

I mean, who dosen't like a t-shirt dress??? They are effortlessly stylish, comfortable to the maxxxx and perfect for disguising food babies! Winning all round! I am one of these peeps who always changes in to their PJs when they are home, despite being a fashion lover I always opt for comfort when I'm at home n save my stuff for when I'm out and about. :) 

I also picked up these white platform sneakers earlier in the week as well having wanted them for ages but never finding them in my size. Kinda also want to get some light up ones as well though am not sure if at 26 - going on 27 years old I'd still be able to pull them off..they look so cool though!! 

yep prob not the best idea to go running around in a football field in brand new white trainers the day after it's been raining so have well and truley christened them now..nothing abit of Vanish won't fix...! 

:) Love , Sarah x 


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