Friday, 18 July 2014


Cloud Print Long Sleeve Crop Top - Missguided
White Cleated Sandals - Ebay
Black 90's choker - Ebay

First thing you've probably noticed straight away is that I'm shooting outside - don't get too excited though, I'm cat-sitting my sisters two kitty cats this weekend so I thought I'd steal her garden for a couple of days too whilst she's away! Pics come out so much better outside, wish wish wish I had a garden! *sigh*

These were taken a couple of hours before we had a pretty cool thunder storm as it's been so hot recently. me and rich were watching it out the window as we missed last nights storm action... didn't hear a thing and must of slept through it all!

I posted about Pretty Little Thing a couple of months ago (leather jacket) and the shorts I'm wearing here are from their Paradox collection which has some amazing really modern and cool pieces!  I'm amazed that cloud print hasn't been as big a hit on the high street as it has been really popular online, its so pretty!  The crop top is actually from Missguided yet is the same print and matches perfectly <3 Think this is my new fave outfit in my wardrobe, partly cus it matches the angry summer storm clouds outside :)

Love, Sarah x


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