Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Boyfriend Jeans

Since leggings became cool again a few years back, I haven't really worn jeans too much to be honest, and being petite I have the age old problem of finding jeans that actually fit/are comfortable/are not so skinny-fitted that they cut off the blood supply to your legs


I was starting to give up hope that baggy grungy jeans that I used to love and live in as a teen would never make a come back..


Meet the new boyfriend jeans that have stormed both online and high street retailers this spring! When boyfriend jeans were introduced a couple of years ago they were shapeless, way too long for anyone under 5"2 and with a mega low crotch that made it difficult to walk without looking chavvy!

After a 2014 revamp, they are now so much more wearable and comfortable, the long length issue problem solved as most styles have rolled up legs so they can be worn showing off heels or comfy converse! I picked these out from Topshop, as I really like the ripped/distressed look and I wanted a light colour for spring, I will wear these in future with kitten heels and a crop tee when the weather picks up a little bit more, but I've been in a cosy mood from stuffing myself at easter and visiting family so I thought I'd pick out my most comfy jumper from Wildfox also as its one of my faves!

Lazy day outfit complete!

Baggy Beach Jumper - Wildfox
Boyfriend Jeans - Topshop
Necklace - Freedom @ Topshop
Chunky Cleated Baby Pink Sandals - Ebay

Love, Sarah x


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