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May 2014 Edit - Day 153

Katy Perry Prismatic Tour @ The O2 London

Katy Perry/Claire's Accessories Jewellery Range - Nails - Barry M Aquarium polish in Mediterranean
"The Bible" - Company High Street Edit Summer 2014 is now out! / Katy Perry Pom Pom Hairband

Holiday 2014 planning! expect lots of holiday outfit posts soon! lol! 
New Hair & Beauty Buys 

Rocky Road Birthday Treats! May is def the month of Birthdays!

Wow! what a busy month! New job, birthdays, holiday booked (Barcelona - here we come! :D ) and Katy Perrys Tour...phew! I'm still aching from this weekend, think it must of been the hours trailing up and down Oxford Street before going to the O2!

Whilst in Oxford Street, I popped in to Claire's Accessories to pick up some of the lovely new pieces of Katy Perrys Wildflower collection. This is the second batch of her colab with Claire's after her Prism collection was released earlier in May. Wildflower is a pretty, girlier and more summery range, consisting of chunky flower corsage cuffs, colourful jewel statement necklaces and rings and geometric patterned bracelets. Love!
I bought the Fushia pink flower pom pom hairband and the Jewelled hand chain as I've been lusting after these since seeing these in the Claires/Kary Perry lookbook earlier this year though I may go back for a few of the bracelets as well...! You can see the full range here:

This months edit also has alot less beauty stuff then last.. I haven't got a load of wedding make up n stuff to write about, but as we're now in to June we can start shopping for summer hair and make up buys :)

As mentioned a few weeks back, I cut my hair a few days ago as my dip dye as it was looking tired and the condition was way beyond repair. so comes the new challenge of repairing my hair before I start getting obsessed with dying it another color again lol! Summer hair is always a bugger anyway cus my hair is really fine and gets greasy on top but I have dry ends so its really difficult, I probably won't dye it now till sept/oct time.

Conveniently though, there recently has been loooads of new hair products popping up everywhere - all claiming to be totally life changing ect..I'm constantly trying and buying new hair products and find for me that work and thanks to Boots holding a three for two on hair care at the moment (THANK YOU BOOTS!) I can try a few new products out on my difficult and hard to manage fine and damaged hair without feeling too bad about cost!

I've had most successes with Loreal hair products in the past so it made sense to pick up something in the Fibreology thickening range. I've just got the shampoo at the mo but will see if my hair feels any thicker in a couple of weeks a its only had one use so far, but I have heard good things and reviews about it so might get the conditioner as well if I see good results!

I've never really bought anything from Garnier but have heard alot of hype around the Ultimate Blends range so thought I should give a couple of things from the range a whirl. I bought the Silky 7-in-one dry shampoo and the one minute glow replenisher. I wasn't expecting much cus the packaging itself isn't very pretty - I know that sounds bad - but you kind of expect the products in the prettier bottles to work better right?

I was very wrong though!

It smells lovely - it's a really nice vanilla scent that lasts all day and best still - it really works! I've been using Batiste Dry shampoo for bad hair days for the last couple of years but not been a fan of the smell of them - and for me - It dosent work that well and I'm reapplying it throughout the day without much success.
 But the Ultimate Blends dry shampoo has made my hair feel like it has just been re-washed after a couple of sprays and gives it its life back, and at just £3.99 will now be a beauty bathroom shelf staple!. Result!

Another product I'd like to give a quick mention to that I have discovered and fallen n love with this month is Revlons Lip Lacquer. This was inside a Boots/This Morning/Daily Mail goodie bag I received early on in May. I'm not the biggest fan of Revlon's products but I think this is a product I will be buying in the other shades. I love lipstick but find they make your lips quite dry for the summer - these little crayons look dry but they actually are nothing like that! They give you a vivid long lasting lip colour that goes on really smoothly and are really glossy - was really impressed :)

Love, Sarah x


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