Thursday, 10 July 2014

June 2014 Edit - Day 181

Blue Orchid £12.00 Tesco

Rik (Mayall!) the Mollie - one of my lovely birthday fishes!

Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex

Bit more of a lifey post this time as haven't really bought any cosmetics/ hair products this month to review! Since I've got in to my new job I've been determined to make sure I no longer live to work & to enjoy myself and get out there and do things I've been wanting to do for ages, and I've been doing just that!

I had a day out with my family at Herstmonceux for father's day which was good, as its a extremely rare occasion nowadays that all 5 of us are able to get together and go out and about, so that was lovely.

I've also - like my mum n sisters - bought myself an Orchid. My indoor kitchen garden which is mainly made up of artificial flowers from The Secret Garden Shop in Eastbourne but I do like to buy the odd bouquet now n again for the kitchen table! I've never seen a blue orchid anywhere to buy before and as its my favourite colour it had to be miiiine :D Its the most amazing blue colour! This one (pictured) is from Tesco for £12.

Last weekend I had my first ever trip up to Essex for my mates 30th birthday in Tilbury - near Grays. My first party in forever so was great to go out for an evening and mingle with lots of peeps,.Have decided that Essex peoples are def alot more friendlier then southerners (sorry fellow southerners!) Next morning, we went to Lakeside and had a quick look around before heading back home as was exhausted, will be coming back to Lakeside for sure in the future, only with £££ next time.

Lastly Rich surprised me with my bday present when I got back from the Katy Perry tour in London, a 64L tropical fish tank! <3 So far we have bought 8 fish including 3 Neons, a male Dwarf Gourmini, 2 Guppies and two Mollies, one (pictured) we've named after Rik Mayall and the other orange coloured one is Ade! gotta get coming up with names for the others yet, name suggestions would be appreciated (no obvious boring ones like Mr. Bubbles tho please!) Love my birthday fishies! :) :) x


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