Friday, 25 July 2014

OOTD: Motel Rainbow Shiva Dress

Zena Bodycon rainbow Shiva dress - Motel -

Resorting to doing OOTD (outfit of the day!) posts until payday - am still mega skint after booking flights!

This is gotta be one of my favourite dresses from last years Motels SS13 collection - and one of Motels best ever prints, and that's saying something cus all there prints are amazing! I'm a huge fan of Hindu gods and goddesses having collected hindu god statues whilst living at home (I have a Ganesh statue and baby Krishna!) and still have them in my kitchen in our flat years and years later!

I also like the nod to the 90's that Motel have added with the scuba neckline of the dress and it looks great with bright coloured jewellery and shoes. I've cut my feet out of the shoot because I managed to walk in to a load of stinging nettles in my flipflops earlier whilst trying to reach over a fence to feed a shetland pony. not clever! Otherwise I'd of definitely worn my studded boots or sandals when taking these pics after lol :)

Love, Sarah x

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