Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tiger Smock Dress

Asos - Smock dress with leaping tiger print -
Tiger ear socks - River Island -
Studded Cut out Boots - Ebay
Orange Tassel Bracelets - Primark

This dress is probably the most comfiest thing I now own, I love the fact that its totally shapeless, its perfect for work and concealing food babies after pigging out on summer snackage! The leaping tiger print is so cute <3 I'm a sucker for anything with animal prints, with already a wardrobe full of sausage dog dresses, fox dresses, cat dresses, bunny dresses - I just can't get enough!

I saw this dress a while ago on the Asos website and had it in my wish list but have waited whilst the site re-opened after some MORON set fire to there warehouse in Barnsley last month. Hope they find at catch the culprit, some people don't deserve oxygen. One thing almost as bad are the whiney emails they received from girls moaning about their orders being delayed. erm.. hello? people could have died!

I also bought a pair of cute tiger socks from River Island.  I was hoping were gonna match with the dress so I could have a wear socks with sandals option but the orange of the socks if different to the tigers on the dress and doesn't really match. They are sweet though and I'll still keep them anyway :)

love, Sarah x

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