Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sacred Blood

I can't remember how I stumbled across Sacred Stitches initially, Facebook maybe! but I'm glad I did!

They are a fantastic local indie brand based in Brighton, and make amazing handprinted T-shirts and hoodies featuring artwork by tattooists James Robinson from Gilded Cage Tattoo Studio and James 'Woody' Woodford from INTO YOU, Brighton and many others. The t-shirts are so soft and are a really flattering fit, I now have two Sacred Stitches t-shirts and will defintely be back for more!

This one I'm wearing which is my favourite design by artist Liz Clements, I just love her gorgeous illustrations! Def need to buy some of her artwork for our flat as well! :D

Each has there own individual style and are so unique, with loads of different designs to choose from, am thinking of also getting the NightBirds print Tee next for my collection thats starting!

Sacred Stitches also make handmade homewares and unique tattoo inspired accessories for the home too , including cushions, bedding, jewellery, kitchenwear and gifts (check out the zombie russian dolls, they are seriously awesome!)

Sacred Blood T-shirt -

Now in sale from £23.99 - £13.99!


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