Thursday, 10 December 2015

Starry Eyed

Star print top // H&M (Rome)
Silver Sneakers // New Look
Gold Hair Clickers // Regal Rose

As I'm still poorly I took to taking some snap indoors the other evening! The lighting in my flat is terrible so I thought I jazz it up abit with these pretty star backgrounds and had a play on photoshop! I'm not a serial photoshooper by any means as I only really use it for cropping or trying to lighten up darker images so I watched a few tutorials on YouTube and had a play! Still go a way to go I think as these abit abit meh but oh well!! :) 

I've also been trying out a few petite sections for a few brands - with varying suceess! Most I still find don't tackle length issue, which is odd as I thought that would be a pretty vital point of a petite range. I've also found an issue with the waist size, particularly on these boyfriend jeans - am gonna exchange them for a size 10 as they are way to small for me, can't even do them up and I feel if I bend down it feels like they are gonna rip apart on my thighs!! (note to retailers - if your gonna make a petite range don't just assume all petite girls are also 6 ft and and have no curves, cus we do!!)

With Asos I've found that petite range means it fits lovely but is still a foot too long in anything and with these lovely starry jeans from Glamourous they simply won't do up! :(  Perhaps I need to get in to the habit of ordering two sizes up when ordering petite garms! 

Topshop petite is my fave I have discovered so far with a good fit so far all round! :) Have you found any  fashion shops that do a good range when it comes to sizing, or also share the woes of struggling with clothing sizes? Let me know! 

I'll get the exchange sorted on these jeans and then reshoot these in the new year methinks,  I don't wanna let them go as I love boyf jeans and anything with a distressed look! hopefully the 10s will fit!, 

Did you also spot my amazing lil hair bead clickers from Regal Rose, got these a while ago and adore them, so many cool n cute styles with braids you can do with these! .

Love, Sarah  x 


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