Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Highlights!

Missed any of my posts in 2015? 

Here are some of my personal faves along with my most popular posts & highlights of this year! :) Head over to my bloglovin page & follow me to keep up to date with my new 2016 posts! :). 

1) Weird  - I went back to my punktastic teen style abit here after my visit to the Braid Bar (more on that below!) I headed to London & took these snaps outside Hyde Park with my fab YRU Rainbow platforms! ...

2) Sarah in Wonderlust gets hitched! - Couldn't really not include this could I! :) I will be doing more posts about the wedding including tips and stuff on alt bride things in the new year but this is a lil post with a few of my fave pictures of the day including tipis, dream catchers, rainbow roses and my amazing Free People dress...

3) Not your Baby - One of my fave posts this year - Some amazing vintage buys! I love this dress I got from Tunnel Vision Vintage (tulle is EVERYTHING!) and I treated myself to this Dino handpainted jacket from Dirty Disco Vintage which I also wore to the wedding...

4) Wanderlust: Edinburgh Fudge Kitchen  - Earlier this year me and the boy headed up to Edinbugh for a weekend and had an amazing time exploring the highlands and Loch Ness! Whilst we were in in the city we also went to Fudge Kitchen to learn how to make fudge! Here is how we got on..

5) Eclipse - One of my fave day dresses is this lil mustard yellow zippy front dress from Topshop - the start of my 70s obsession this year! 

6) Handbags/Gladrags - One of my most recent posts but has had alot of love from you guys! Thank you! :) If you missed it and are looking for some festive 70s glam style you'll love this one, check it out now!

7) Postcards From Sorrento - Quite possibly my fave places on this planet, Sorrento is a beautiful place if you are thinking of a romantic get away, check out out holiday snaps on this post for serious summer blues! 

8) Ragged Priest x Joanna launch party - In November, I was invited to the Ragged Priest x Joanna launch party! Part two of this post will be coming very soon with a sneak peek Ragged Priest SS16!  Keep your eyes peeled... 

9) Primark home haul vlog - I made my first vlog! :) I have been pretty naff at keeping up to date with these as ideally need to get some better editing software and get better lighting for my room so hopefully I'll get better at making more of these next year! :) let me know if there is anything you want me to cover! 

10) Braid Bar - If you are as crap as me at braiding then you may wanna pay this place a visit - just wish it was nearer home overwise I would become a monthy visitor! well worth the trip though as these braids last for days and you can choose from so many styles....

11) Black Milk - Finally after years of waiting, I got my first Black Milk piece! a reversible skirt! Hoping that a UK/Europe website is on the cards one day as the postage is so high! :( Check out how I styled it up in this post. 

12) Giesha - Loved shooting this one - Its very rare when you blog and shoot outside that you don't get people invading your shots!! luckily it was a lovely quiet Sunday morning in my fave part of town and I had this fab playsuit from Oh My Love...

13) Welcome to the Jungle - I experimented with this summers festival trend - the unitard! 

14) The Rainbow series - This summer I made the Rainbow series! 4 of my fave colourful outfits in a mixture of styles including crochet, iron on patches, bodysuits & kimonos!

15) Was 27 surviving my return to Saturn - This year for me has been full of fringe fringe fringe!! This was my birthday dress I wore when I went to Camden for my bday though shot this locally on a really windy day!

16) WB Harry Potter Studio Tour - Admittedly not my first time visiting, but just love it so much - If you are a potter fan you will LOVE this - don't just think about it, go now!! 



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