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New Years Style Resolutions with Farfetch!

This week, global fashion boutique community Farfetch challenged me to come up with my New Years fashion resolutions for 2016. I have alot of plans for 2016 so was really excited to accept! 

For those of you unfamiliar with Farfetch, Farfetch has an online store with over 1000 fashion forward labels to choose from, including some well known names such as Dolce & Gabbana to Versace.

Farfetch is a unique site as it houses all of these brands on one site making it an easy and enjoyable shopping experience with really well broken down categories so you can find exactly what you want and your favourite designers easily! :) 

I have really enjoyed this challenge as it has made me think about my wardrobe and how I can improve it whilst I continue to expand my horizons and do new things in my life. As Caitlin Moran said in her book 'How to be a woman' - 

“When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.”
This is pretty much me to a T! 

I am forever evolving and changing my style with the times, depending on my mood and where I am with my life. To me, my wardrobe give me the perfect opportunity to express who I am and well as inspire others or if its meeting someone new, making a great first impression.

I have based my resolutions around my life choices for next year as these also will impact my wardrobe and style. 

So, without further ado, here are my 5 fashion resolutions for 2016!

1) Travel More - City Stylin

To be honest my top two 2016 lifey resolutions are kind of tied as one as for me and the boy are in the process of deciding if 2016 is the year for us to move out of our flat and rent a house or not ... I think he would like to move but my heart is my set on adventuring and travel! 

Now I've got over my fear of flying (and now absolutely love it!) I would love take the leap to go on a long haul flight and visit the big apple, New York, next autumn. I love adventuring and holidaying and love to make sure that my style matches as closely to the destination I'm going, without being too over the top with my holiday style plans. I had to restrain myself quite alot earlier this year from packing an abundance of tartan when I visited Edinburgh earlier this year! 

For some classy New York style, I love these picks from Farfetch - not only great for my New York holiday packing for other destinations too! Perfect 2016 holiday styling right there!  Just get me my boarding passes and on the next flight pronto so I can wear these babies! 

For strutting around times square ... Michael Kors Hawthorne boots

For chilling out and wearing when watching the Yankees...Moschino Looney Tunes baseball shirt dress & Moschino sneaker style stilettos 

Watching the world go by in Central Park with a hot dog.. Linda Farrow x Suno 2 sunglasses 

2) Try Androgynous Style

Argh , this is always something I adore the look of in fashion photo shoots but still keep shying away from trying it out. I am quite a tomboy at heart so feel I could perhaps pull it off.. If I could look anything like Kristen Stuart does in her Chanel campaigns I would be a convert to androgynous style for life! 

A good place to start with this trend is with a pair of comfortable brogues, for me the more embellished/spiked/interesting the better!  

From left to right: 

Dolce & Gabbana Crystal Rose Embellished Brogues
Alexander McQueen Grey & Pastel Skull Scarf
Pollini Panelled Brogues
Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Brogues
Robert Clergerie Purple Panelled Brogues

3) Vive la Fringe! - Wear what you love & invest in classic go-to pieces

I have been obsessed with this year’s 70s trend and am sooo hoping it continues in to 2016. This year has been without a doubt my favourite year of fashion in my whole 27 years and 6 months on this planet! 

I think I'll still be rocking my fringing and bell bottoms regardless in to 2016 even if Vogue tell me otherwise. :) The worst habit I've had being a fashion junkie is that when you spot a new trend and you can't help but to buy everything to do with it and then finding it doesn't really suit you. I think I have tried & bought so many midi skirts to death now trying to do a more lady like style and finding each time they just don't look good on me - I never learn! 

I'll be making sure this year I stick more to wearing what I love and exploring my style by mixing styles up and not blowing all my money on an I see I want moment! 

However, I'll be definitely investing in more fringed pieces this year - hoping to find more colours out there then brown or black :) Here's my Farfetch faves:

From left to right:

MSGM Fringed Paisley Blouse 
Herve Leger Strapless White Fringed Dress
MSGM Colour Block Fringe Top
Ashish Fringed Top
Ouigal Fringed Iridescent Ankle Boots

4) Enjoy life - Be more of a social butterfly & always have a killer party look! 

My biggest achievement this year (aside from reading all of the Hunger Games series which was last years resolution) has been how much better I have got at socialising. I have always struggled at parties and found myself having panic attacks because I find it difficult to be around alot of people. The biggest difference has been the friends I have made this year *high fives to all of them* who have been lovely and supportive. 

As I'm hoping to keep this up in to next year, this also allows me to join in on party outfit or nights out styling - yay! :) 

I have found one thing that helps my confidence at events is a show-stopping unique outfit - no double outfit dilemma here! The more out of this world my party outfit or accessories are, the better I feel - they are great conversation starters!   

I am totally in love with these pretties on Farfetch - perfect for eye catching pieces for your night out whether its a night at a restaurant or an evening bowling with your mates :) 

From left to right:

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Drawstring Bag
Super Moschino Hoodie
Moschino Mirror phone case 

5) Update the Intimates - 

I'm a typical jim-jammies girl, straight in to my pjs as soon as I get home from work. I'm happy and comfortable - which is no bad thing - but I haven't bought underwear or comfy stuff in ages that makes me feel special - every girl should have a drawer of undies that makes them feel sexy and special and I feel as I've got more comfortable I tend to not bother buying any aside cartooney ones  and then before I know it it's been another year.

I dislike alot of undies shops as they are a little to much on the saucy side, I want something that is pretty & delicate that I don't have to compromise comfort over sexiness with, which is why Fleur Du Mals lingerie on Farfetch is great - pretty, feminine and yet a little risque! 

From left to right:

Fleur Du Mal Cage Lace Triangle Bra in Mint
Fleur Du Mal Crochet Long Line Lace Bra
Fleur Du Mal Balconette Bra
Fleur Du Mal Pink Lace Demi Bra
Fleur Du Mal Embellished Mesh Triangle Bra
Fleur Du Mal Lace Trim Pink Babydoll

What are your fashion resolutions for 2016? :) Don't forget to check out Farfetch for some amazing designer garms & some inspiration!

Love, Sarah x 



  1. Such a great list! My only fashion resolution is to purge my closet more and keep the pieces that are true to my personal unique style :) <3


    1. aww thanks sweet! yeh - mines gotta be something similar, so guilty of buying if I'm feeling down and then finding nothing that goes with it, it's gonna be a tough one for me! omg, ur wardrobe is amazin tho! out of alot of bloggers I follow urs is a wardrobe I would love to have! xo


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