Sunday, 7 August 2016

My Vacation Home Is A Castle

Being a tourist in my own neighbourhood with my latest fave tee from WildFox

My Vacay home is a castle tee // WildFox Couture - now £30!
Unicorn Tears Kingsize Cup Bag // Skinnydip London 
Mom Jeans // Missguided 

Typical... I booked a few days off work to chill and go on a hunt for new shoot locations and the train strike is on at the same time.. :( waaaahhh

So this weekend I thought I'd make the most of it as I will be stuck in Eastbourne for the next few days. I went to Brighton Pride Parade yesterday and then today I headed out to Pevensey Castle (just around 15 min drive from Eastbourne) and took in some of the sights and scenery after such a crazy day yesterday.

Obviously. this Wildfox tee was perfect for the occasion, all girls dream of living in a castle! Well, hopefully one more pink and glam then this (thinking Disney castle) but then this one deserves its is 1,729 years old!

I just love Wildfox, it is one of my fave brands. Nothing beats comfy for those summer days where the sun cant make up its mind and you wanna chill but still want a sassy slogan to wear. Think I'll be wearing this for the duration of my staycation! 


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