Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Antica Sartoria

Sea salt beachy hair stoney beach + this amazing outfit from Italy's Amalfi Coast makes for holiday dreamin..

Lilac Frill Dress (also doubles up as a skirt!) // Antica Sartoria 
Lilac Embroidered Scarf (worn as belt) //  Antica Sartoria 

Its been almost a year I’ve been waiting to dig this one out can't believe its almost been a year since I got married and was in Sorrento, Italy (aka, heaven on earth!) 

 I bought this ensemble from the most beautiful boutique in Sorrento town last October and wore it throughout our Honeymoon but on returning to the UK autumn was well and truly here so it went in the wardrobe awaiting summer again and here it is!

I went out last Sunday & whist it was a nice day it was a little windy so I went for a fairly minimalist make up face as per usual Sunday style and beachy sea salt hair as I couldn't be bothered to wash it before going out for a blowy walk! :).

Want to find out more about Antica Sartoria? head over to Sweet Southern Blue's blog as she has also written a great write up and took pictures of this pretty shop (I was too busy shopping for pictures haha!)

Its almost like they had SS16 in mind a year early with the pretty embroidered detail on the lilac scarf (worn as a belt) and the frilliness of the dress. I love gypsy floaty style things for summer so I couldn’t resist buying the whole outfit as it was in the window! It was just perfect for Sorrento as I love my holiday outfits to be around all girly and pretty , especially if there are in a location like Italy

Antica Sartoria sell the most gorgeous garms, next time we go I will be bringing an extra case just to visit this shop and get more. Most def will be a nexxt time, I would love to travel the whole Amalfi Coast! <3

Have you stumbled on any great boutiques on your travels? Let me know!

Love, Sarah xx



  1. Holy crap this dress is so gorgeous, you look like a dream in it <3 happy advance anniversary sweetie!

    1. thanks hun! cant believe it almost a year already! :o


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