Monday, 21 March 2016

2 Years of Sarah in Wonderlust!

My blog has come on in leaps and bounds since I first set it up under the name Violet Dahlia in 2014, I've learnt so so about blogging in that time from watching my favourite bloggers and learning how much persistence and drive you need in the now very crowded bloggersphere.

Blogging is no longer a niche hobby (well, maybe still a little from people in my age group in my local area who think I am totally mad!) and there are millions of bloggers out there, some now making millions and even blogging full time! 

In the meantime, I do work in an office full time and I blog as often as possible in my spare time. Despite not really earning from it I am still happy to keep going as I am as I just love to write about all things fashion.

Primark Cami
Since my first year milestone, I've got a shiny new layout, had a go at Youtube (still gotta sort out the shitty lighting in this flat!) with a Primark haul, got engaged and married, attended my first London Fashion Week & The Ragged Priest SS16 launch and travelled to Edinburgh, Sorrento & Rome

This year, myself and the hubster are in a bit of a limbo situation, he is hoping to take his legal career further and take a masters degree to become a lawyer, if he is not accepted he will then look to change jobs, which will mean for us putting our life on hold for perhaps another year or so either way whilst he either studies or look for another job,

Black Milk
Getting a house in the south of the UK is a pretty hopeless dream, unless you have parents with abit of dough put aside for you or if save up for at least 5-6 years with no spending at all you haven't really got much of a chance of getting a house of your own .

We will prob look to see if we can rent elsewhere perhaps next year but it depends on what goes on with his job, We would then of been in our flat for almost 10 years- could of bought this place prob by now with how much rent has gone on it!!  However living at home for me was not possible past the age of 19 when I had to leave home due to personal issues to save up for either option..yay for loans and credit cards!

Wildfox & Spell & the Gypsy

The plan for this year then is a couple more travels (as I have seriously itchy feet) with our first trip in May to St Raphael in France for some relaxing and then for Christmas a week long trip to Munich and Fussen to explore the castle. If Rich is then well in to his studies next year that could then mean some solo travelling for me in the shape of a challenge.. I would love to do something for charity like a Kilimanjaro climb or better still Machu Piccu trek. Then move home late 2017, early 2018 to a little bungalow or something we could rent! 

We'll just watch this space :)

Dirty Disco & Tunnel Vision
Thank you for following me or reading this blog, whether you have been here since the Violet Dahlia days or recently followers on Bloglovin (now over 50 followers..yay!! :) ) I Really appreciate it and love reading your comments! :) 

Is there anything else you would like to see on Sarah in Wonderlust? Please let me know in the comments below and I'll see if I can do them sometime over the next 12 months! 

Love, Sarah x 


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