Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Feb Blogger Babes

Sorry for my lack of posting the last few days!

I have got some kind of weird fluey bug (I think) so have been pretty sicky and have now totally lost my voice!
Yep. thats pretty much how I feel!

Anyhow, as its international womens day (and that I have only just managed to get round to doing febs blogger faves) it seems a pretty appropriate day to give a shout out to my fave ladies in blogging right now!

If you haven't heard of Le Happy where have you been?? she's a huge name in the blogging world, my fave blogging red head and New York blogger!

Her signature style is mostly grungy with girly twists and her style photos are just stunning - be sure to check her out if you haven't already!

Le Happy - Band Camp

Helibells - To Be Or Not To Be

Helen Anderson - Stormy Shirt

Jag Lever - Little Moon

Thats so Yesterday - How I wear Trainers & a Dress



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