Friday, 8 May 2015

Asos Wishlist!

I am totally aware I only just got paid and but Asos new in section is just killin it right now!! need eerrrayyythanggg, pretty much spent my last pay check on their site n still so much stuff I wanna get!

To cope with my serious Asos addiction, I'm showing u guys my wishlist. Several new brands have popped up on there this season such as Jens Pirate Booty, Kuccia, Rat & Boa, Spiritual Hippy and even O-Mighty are selling a few things on there! yessss! no more customs charges or high delivery fees from overseas! :) Get Black Milk on Asos and I would be an extremely happy girl!

With dreamy floaty boho dresses, fringing and florals for summery days down the beach and iridescent shiny fabrics, rainbow kimonos, and cute lil robot designs for summer nights, Asos has my summer covered!




  1. Argh I love everything!!!!! amazing picks

  2. I love that iridescent skirt!!! What's it called on the site?

    Heather xxx

    1. Heya! me too - isnt it just amazin! its called A-Line Skirt In Metallic Leather Look With Zip Inserts - left u the link below! x :)


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