Friday, 15 May 2015

Boho Jewellery Haul

The last month or so I have been updating my jewellery collection as some pieces I have are really old, haven't bought anything new or felt inspired to buy any new jewellery for ages! 

I'll admit now I'm not a fan of expensive bling, I do own a Vivienne Westwood pearl choker that I bought for my 25th Birthday in Paris but everything else I have is costume jewellery. I'd much rather have a stack of £5 colourful bangles on my arm instead of a Pandora bracelet! just find them really plain lol! This is prob why I love boho jewellery so much, the more you can stack on the better instead of one single item of jewellery!

I've put together some of my latest buys ranging from the super cheap chic (hello Primarni & Ebay!) sorta cheap range - Claire s Accessories & Asos & a couple of pretties from Urban Outfitters and Regal Rose for those of you looking you spend a little bit more!

Super Cheap Chic - Primark & Ebay

Primark has some superb picks for jewellery and accessories right now, I found myself going a little crazy in there last weekend and before I knew it went to the till with an armful of stuff!

Here's what I got!

Coin headband, triple ring set, leaf full finger ring, glow in the dark charm bands
Coin Headband £2.50

Ring set £3.00

Leaf branch full finger ring £3.00
Midi ring multi pack £3.00

charm glow in the dark bangles £2.50
Gold Septum Ring - Ebay £3.95

Midi Cheap Range

First up is the feather choker I wore a couple of outfit posts ago from Asos. The rest are from Claire's Accessories which has some GORGEOUS boho lovelies right now. From arm cuffs, headbands and flower crowns, Claire's has got summer accessories nailed!

Asos black stone feather choker £8
Claire's elephant necklace £8.00

Feather and bead arm band - £6 (i think...)
Gold coin 3 size bangle set £4.50
x3 Butterfly hair clips (sold separately) £3.50 Gold Greek Branch Headband £8 Nail Stickers £4
Gold Greek Style Headband (as seen in Cosmopolitan) £8
Nail Stickers £4
Large Flower Crown £14
Large Flower Crown £14
Beachey Charm Choker £6
Katy Perry Prism Pink & Green Gem Choker £4
Katy Perry Prism Junk Food Charm Bracelet £5

Pretty but pricier.. 

My new obsession at the moment is hair rings which you may have seen my wear in my last post. Regal Rose have some really cool charms as well as other amazing jewellery on their site, though alot of its over £10 obvs depends how much you want to spend. The hair rings are £2.50 each but you wil want at least 5 of them as when you hook them on to braids you will need at least this many or more if your hair is longer than mine.

Also I really like Urban Outfitter accessories, they always have really interesting stuff though I don't go in to my local Brighton sotre that often. have made a mental note to go there more as they have super pretty thing like the crystal necklaces below.

Regal Rose Hair Rings £2.50 each 

Urban Outfitters Rainbow Prite £12 and Crystal £9

Love, Sarah x 



  1. Everything is so lovely! That coin hairband is so nice - would be perfect for a festival. And the hair rings are so cute too. :)

    1. ah thank u sweet, just fell head over heels for that coin headband and its sooo frikin cheap!! will be wearing it all summer for sure! x

  2. Love! Especially the leaf branch ring, please check out my blog too x

    1. thanks hun, cudnt believe it when i saw that ring in primark, looks more like a frredom at topshop ring only have not seen these style ones in there yet! :) will def check out ur blog! x

  3. I do love your items! Especially last bracelet with food is so cool!

    1. :) thank u - love the Katy Perry Prism stuff in Claires! really hope she does another colab with them as have loved both this years and last years collections! x


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