Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Borrowed from the Boys

Robbed the boys closet for an oversized 90's street denim look! (sorry, not sorry!)

Oversized Denim Jacket // Bershka menswear (similar here)
Denim Rucksack // Primark
White Flatforms// Primark

This is a look I experimented with last week whilst I had time off work, I've always loved denim jackets but have this odd theory that blondes look better in them so have never owned one!

However, I pinched my fellas prized jacket, he wears double denim all the time and looks awesome doing so tbh (and yep, hes blond!) and I styled it up to see if I could be swayed and I quite like this one! think this is due to that its over sized though so it gives it an edgier street look as its obvs a little too big for me!

If I spot one in a charity or vintage shop that's a couple of sizes too big I may just get one now...a couple of patches and badges would make this jacket amazing, don't think Rich would be to pleased if I did that to his jacket though!

Love, Sarah x


  1. Ahhhh girl you suit this look so much, I love this jacket so much! You look so cool xx

    1. thanks doll! :) didnt think it would work but I actually love it! x

  2. Love this outfit, I love borrowing clothes from my bf too! I looove the denim jacket, it looks amazing on you!

    Characters & Carry-ons

    1. thanks :) i swear boys clothes are so much better made and comfier too! i'm now def gonna raid his wardrobe more often! xx

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