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A/W16 Beauty: Matte Lipsticks

Sorry, realised how LONG its been since I last did a beauty post (like, March!!)


Told ya I'm not to great when it comes to beauty blogging as I am one for literally stocking up on make up when its a new season and then buying nothing for months. I also don't tend to buy alot of make up during the summer as I'm mostly buying skin care stuff instead of whats on the make up counters.

So as I had not visited the beauty section in ages in my local Boots I popped down there a couple of weeks back to see whats new for autumn as this is the time of year I go crazy for make up and one thing in particular..LIPSTICKS!

However, I noted that a new trend seems to have popped up everywhere on Instagram and all over the counters are these new Matte Lipsticks. Naturally, the experimentalist in me decided to give these a go and I ended up with a few of them to try out and that's how this post came about.

So if your looking for an honest review by a make up nube on various Matte lipsticks and interested in what they are all about your're in the right place. If your are a super skilled young Instagram person who selfies religiously to show off your perfect cat-eye flick and take over 40 mins doing your brows to precision each day then this may not be the post for you. However if you do want to stick around to add a comment for any tips that would be muchly appreciated! :)

I mean this is most 16 year olds nowadays.. heres me back then VS the nowadays 16 year old. Hello my hella dyed red hair and fave blue sparkly eye shadow! Back then there was no selfie lighting, primer, eye brow stuff, insta filters..., zilch.

Now at 28 I have finally discovered what foundations work for me, how to not wear bright blue eye shadow up to your brow bone and not over pluck eyebrows...I'm still getting there though! I still feel pretty daft surrounded by all these mini make up experts who haven't left school yet but will prob read this and howl with laughter at my mistakes I was making then & still now! :) As I said earlier, tips are most welcome but here is how I got on with Matte Lipsticks...

  1. NYX Lip Lingerie in Embellishment 
I bought this one not long after spotting it on the NYX counter in Boots...little did I know this shade is a fave amongst NYX fans and actually pretty hard to get hold of! 

Out of all the Matte lippys I've tried this one by has the best packaging and looks like it could rival the sell out Kylie Jenner Lip kit. 

However... Not so easy when it comes to application, although it seems easy enough and that you just apply it using the wand it comes with its actually very drying and comes out a totally different colour  to the swatch or how it appears on the tube.. 

Such a shame as it looks such a nice colour. I've seen other users of this shade also complain that this one looks more off-ish brown/claylike than the pinky brown shade it should be so I was glad to hear I'm not alone! 

I've read tips though that to apply a matte lip it takes more than just slapping it on as per normal glosses or lipsticks. 

Tips include: 
  • applying over concealer on your lips to get a more even base 
  • use concealer round the edges of your mouth to give a sharp clean finish once applied
  • exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate and moisturise. When these liquid matte lippy dry on your lips they can really highlight any cracks in your lips. Not a good look. Find out how you can make your own lip scrub here
Since discovering this I'll probably give this one another try to see if it makes a difference but feel its alot of effort to get this one to be of much use..spesh as it is already very drying to use and such an odd colour!

2. Sleek Matte Me Lip Creme in Velvet Slipper 

Undeterred, I headed back down to Boots and picked out another Matte Liquid Lipstick, this time by Sleek Make up. I already use and worship Sleek for their fantastic dupe of Benefits Brow Zings (review on that another time) 

I went for a even more pinkier colour as I didn't want to have the same situation as last time where the colour was off so I got the shade Velvet Slipper. 

Again with this one it is a little drying but no where near as much as the NYX version. The colour is more as it should be and as expected though still a tiny bit darker than the tube again but more wearable than the NYX one. 

The staying power on this one (and NYX Lingerie I have to say) is immense. I have never struggled to try and remove lipstick before but with these they simply do not budge after they have been applied! It took a fair bit of make up remover to take them off. 

Obvs as a lipstick that's a very good thing. Less it wears off = the less it needs to be reapplied after eating, drinking ect and you end up getting more out of it as the product lasts longer.  So big thumbs up for that.

I'll def try the tips on how to apply above again with this one and give it a try! 

3. NYX Full Throttle Lipstick in Kiss the Dust

At the same time as purchasing Lip Lingerie from the NYX counter, I also bought this one to try out. 
It was abit of a spur of the moment purchase and I did wonder afterwards if I really needed to buy it as I was gonna love the Lip Lingerie more but actually, this turned out to be the opposite! 

Although this one is not a liquid matte lipstick, it still gives you a matte effect but is much creamier and easy to apply. 

The bullet is easy to use and glides on and unlike the liquid ones I've tried this does stay true to the colour. I did dare to choose a more brown shade and step out of my comfort zone deliberately as I never usually stray from my lovely plummy or maroon colours but I'm quite happy with it. 

And as I say, much much less faff then using the liquid version!

4. Barry M Matt Lip Paint in 177 in Heart Breaker

After all my experimenting it wasn't till I popped to Superdrug and spotted this gorgeous shade from Barry M. They make incredible lipsticks called Lip Paint which you may of tried already which have always been a firm favourite of mine.

They have now extended their Lip Paint line up to also include Matte versions too. This in my opinion is the best of the 4 I've tried, its easy to apply, true to colour and as with all Barry M lippys not totally drying and long lasting as well! - result! :) 

To summarise: If you are interested in trying Matte Lips I'd def go for it, but be wary of the type you choose and do you research in to the tried and tested ones out there if you want to go for a liquid lipstick in particular. I also swatched the liquid ones on my arms before applying and they still came out a totally different colour than I expected!

The liquid ones I'd recommend more for those who are really in to their make up and don't mind taking the time and effort to get the look right. I think if you can do that and are no fazed by how long it takes than Matte lips is gonna be your new best thing. 

If your a lazy girl (like me!) and prefer a lie in and getting ready in under 10 mins than a creamier, bullet type of matte lipstick rather than a liquid one will probably be best if you want to try this look. :) 

Have any of you tried the matte lip look? let me know your tips on applying below in the comments or what your fave matt lipsticks are! :) 

Love, Sarah x 


  1. Ahhh so true. There's a meme going round about 16 y/o's today vs back then about them skipping that "ugly" phase. I can't help but LOL every time I see it. I've also tried that NYX shade and had the same problem with hue. On me it's more on the purple-lilac side. It's not too bad, but not what I was expecting. Worse still this is way too drying on my lips so I ended up giving it away to a friend of mine.


    1. haha! Its soo true though isnt it! :) Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has had the same issue with the NYX lingerie lipsticks! I'll prob give mine away too! :( x


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