Friday, 21 October 2016

Band Tee

Most underated item in your wardrobe? The band tee! Don't just wear with jeans, wear them with pleats or midi skirts for a whole new take on grunge chic.  

Pretty Reckless Band Tee // Pulp (I got this from the Edinburgh store)
Silk Pleated Vintage Style Wrap Skirt // Traffic People

Ok, confession time, I have actually had this skirt for 13 YEARS!! 

That's UNWORN for 13 years!  I bought it on a trip with my mum to Croydon one Saturday and had a few sorta romantic/girly ideas to dress it but then always felt it was a little too grown up for me. Yet its survived every charity shop, and ebay stuff-to-sell  bag and is the only item I've felt compelled to keep this long without any wear, however, I think I've now discovered a new way to wear it and make it feel less dressy...

Holla to the band tee! I got this one from a cool little shop in Edinburgh called Pulp which have a really good selection. I first saw the Pretty Reckless whilst they were supporting Evanescence and went straight out to buy the album straight away, also at the same I bought a Biffy Clyro t-shirt which I also saw when they supported Muse in 2007..must have a thing for the support acts! haha! 

Band tee's, like the slogan tees, are often just thrown on with a pair of jeans though I've started to branch out recently and matched this one to my Traffic People skirt to experiment and love how this combo works! 

Experiment with your slogan or band tees and mix up how you wear them - they are actually the most versatile piece of clothing you could possibly own! 

Love , Sarah x 

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  1. LOVE how you've styled this top! xx


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