Monday, 31 October 2016

Witch Please!

Channel a look worthy of The Craft with my latest wishlist - perfect for the modern witch!

Hey all, hope you all had a good weekend and got all Halloweeny themed!

I've been pretty lazy tbh the last couple of Halloweens and have done abit of dress up for work but not much else! This one happens to fall bang on my pay day (which totally and utterly sucks!) and it means I've had no monies to prepare get anything together for the day aside carving my pumpkin! booo! Was worth my last £2 to buy one though, can't be Halloween without one.

Luckily, I've also found an idea I can dress up as without spending anything as I have a few In Your Dreams face jewels left from Brighton Pride and have made myself a turban out of some excess tie dye fabric, abit of imagination later and I'm a tarot card reader for Halloween yay! :)  There won't be an outfit post on this one as its been a busy workday so I haven't had the time to shoot this but promise I will do try to do a Halloween themed post or two next year!

Whilst searching for ideas though I stumbled on these amazing witchy pretties and made this wishlist! Too good just to wear for Halloween! My faves are the Night Orb Leggings & Current Mood Boots! Whats yours? :)

1. Witchy Woman Ringer Tee - Gypsy Warrior | 2. Cat Muscle Tee - Valfre | 3. Rose Embroidered Velvet Jacket - Valfre | 4. Uniskelly Bag - Dolls Kill | 5. Mood Beast Platforms - Current Mood | 6. The Occult Midi Ring - The Rogue & The Wolf | 7. Coffin Silicon Phone Case - Valfre | 8. Orb Of The Night Leggings - Dolls Kill

Happy Halloween! 

Love, Sarah x 



  1. This is the most wondrous witchy wish-list ever! Loving all the cosmic, cute vibes babe and totally agree these finds are all too good just to wear for Halloween! ;) I'm absolutely adoring the orb of the night leggings too, so gorge! Also, that Dolls Kill bag! OMG! All the transfixing <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. Those Dolls Kill Orb Of The Night Leggings really do look fabulous! I also like the Gypsy Warrior Witchy Woman Ringer Tee, The Occult Midi Ring, and the Valfre Rose Embroidered Velvet Jacket.


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