Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Another slip dress? Its not just any old slip dress - spesh if its from Cyberdog! 

Cyber Jellyfish Spaghetti Strap 90's "Medusa" Dress // Cyberdog

Yep its another 90's slip dress. sorry not sorry - its my fave thing to wear right now! *

I spotted this amazing slip whilst out in Brighton with my mum earlier this month in Cyberdog - one of mine (and in particular Rich's) fave places to shop in Brighton.

If you've not heard of Cyberdog and your more local to London than Brighton then head to Camden and check out what you've been missing, its the shop with the HUGE robots outside - u can't miss it. Or fail to hear it.. it will be blasting trance tunes all day long!

Most items will glow in the dark or have some kind of glow to them if you step under UV light, I was wearing my Ragged Priest jumper at the time when shopping  in there and all the tassels lit up! ah! :)

I just love the print on this dress though, Jellyfish are amazing and have always captivated me so I'm really happy to have a print of some - specially one this cool - at last. Its even got 90's style straps and everything!

Love, Sarah x

*yes, yes I know what you are thinking, I am freezing! Was particularly windy when I took these as well brrrrr! think we will be in sleeved stuff from now!! Blue lipstick would of looked good with this but I was more concerned with taking pictures asap and hurrying up to be in the warm haha!



  1. I had no idea there was a Cyberdog shop in Brighton, I only knew of the one in Camden! This dress is so cute and I love how you've styled it <3 the print is so cool!

    1. yeh! its been there a while, its on the north side of the lanes almost as far as u can go before the station! :) thanks hun, i'd love to have wallpaper like this in my flat haha! adore jellyfishies! <3 x

  2. I'm obsessed with slip dresses at the moment, this one looks so cool! Loving the colours x


    1. thank you! its so different to all the others ive seen at the mo x


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