Saturday, 28 May 2016


 My Monaco Gran Prix botanical show-stopper. Kudos to Asos for this gem! 

Firstly sorry for my resting bitch face in these! I had planned to shoot these on the Carpet Gardens on the seafront but then discovered a huge beer tent for the bank holiday had been put up on it! :) 

So I went exploring for a new destination and thought I had found the perfect new place - quiet close off a nice area, pretty gardens ect... so far so good.

Turns out I had to use 2 of of my Get Out Of Jail Free Cards within 15 mins after an old Daily Mail reading* old bat came out and had a go at me for standing on a pathway near her property which didn't look like it was hers as it looked like a pathway out of the close! Que a very speedy walk away from her while she continued ranting!

Second one was nicer though but was the first time I've fished out the ummm yeah don't mind me I'm a fashion student!** excuse. :)


A last minute impulse but omg-must-have moment hit me when I saw this dress land on Asos last week. It was exactly what I was looking for to wear for the Monaco GP practice session we attended on Thursday. Can't do Monaco without going a little glam right?

       Riviera Suitcase Bag // Accessorize - Now £22!
Brown Wooden Heel Sandals // Topshop
Sunglasses // Guess

This dress just ticked all the boxes with its off shoulder floral ruffles, all over print and a sexy thigh high split. As usual when it arrived the day before we caught our flight, I ended up taking quite a lot off the bottom to make it even remotely wearable. Its ment to be long anyway but it looked ridiculous with my short legs so out came the scissors! 

I cut off more than I ment to I think, but I kinda like the length now, I can also wear it with flats and it doesn't feel like it's trailing behind me. In to the suitcase it went and I felt like a goddess at the GP circuit in it. 

A very tired one though as it was our last day. Thank god for sunglasses for hiding tired eyes! 

Love, Sarah x

* A newspaper designed for the baby boomer generation in the UK. Preaches that young people are evil and will steal your money and handbag and a moments notice. Cancer is caused by anything and everything ranging from mobile phones, bacon, being male, being female, artificial light, broccoli... the full list is here. This contradicts itself on rotation, telling you the opposite by the next week.

And lastly, if its a story containing any human in it, be it a celebrity, victim of crime, criminal, whatever it ALWAYS has to say how much their property value is, even if its totally unrelated to the story! 

**wishes! SIGH.


  1. Ah you look stunning Sarah, so chic! I loved your little rant about the Daily Mail haha they're such trash!

    1. cheers doll! :) haha! yeh they are so trashy, spesh the right column on their site its just awful! lol! x


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