Sunday, 3 April 2016

Drop Dead

 Krustymania with x2 Simpsons colabs in one post! Featuring Drop Dead & SkinnyDip

Krusty Tie Dye Boxy Tee // Drop Dead
"I can always be myself around you" Flatforms (customised with pink fluff!)  // Choies
Krusty Shake Phone Case // Skinny Dip x The Simpsons
Lilac Satchel (customised with New Look Stickers!) // River Island 
Pink Fluff Keychain // Molly Trubody

It has been such gorgeous weekend! It feels fantastic to actually be able to go out and shoot in the daylight and that it is sunny enough to not wear a jacket. FREEEEEEDOMMMMM! (loool British problems!!)

It made sense to also have a good hair day as well so I went and booked a long over due condition treatment for my tresses before shooting these. I am trying to get in the habit of doing these every 6 weeks to keep my long hair & bleached hair in top condition, for £15 its def worth it! :) I then shot these out in the yard..haven't been out here in a while as the flammin scaffolding is still up and blocking out sky dish (to US readers that's our cable connection stuff!) so we can't get signal! boooo. That's why its even more grotty out there then usual but gotta make do for now!

On to the outfit though, I managed to finally get one of these Drop Dead Krusty tees from their Itchy & Scratchy collection! yay! :D Its not a new collection by any means but I have been scouting Ebay to try and get one and found this one in mint condition so got it for myself as an Easter present! :) It teams up with my Skinny Dip Case perfectly.

I do love a boxy tee as well, perfect for chilled weekends and they go great with slouchy boyf jeans like these fab metallic moto ones. I shot these as well last year but it was dark so you can now finally sorta see them in their iridescent shiny glory! :)

Love Sarah x



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    1. thanks chick, is one of my faves! straps starting to break abit so gonna have to start doing some repairing to keep it going lol! x

  2. Wow, interesting look! I like how your backpack! (:


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