Friday, 1 April 2016

March Blogger Babes

It doesn't feel to long when I did my last blogger babes with the main image being with a snowy backdrop! Lovin that now we are in to spring things are getting much brighter and colourful, yay!

Speaking of colourful, my blogger babe I'm featuring today is one of my all time faves - Kayla Hadlington. . Kayla is a queen of all things super cute and pastel coloured. Her instagram feed is amazing!

Also, I literally today I discovered a new fantastic blogger who is def worth a follow! Her name is Kizzy and she is the blogger behind The Dainty Dollshouse. If you are a fan of quirky or lolita style fashion you will love her blog!

Kayla Hadlington - Vintage Versace with Rokit Vintage
The Dainty Dolls House - Cotton Candy My Little Ponies

The Young Eccentric - Keepin the Streets Sassy
                            The Young Eccentric

Lazy Kat - Monique Clothing X Lazy Kat

RommydeBommy - Colour bomb

Hannah Louise F - Yellow Mini Skirt

Doll Poupee - Folk Town



  1. This is brilliant, thank you so much for featuring me, incredibly kind!! I love all of these other bloggers, fantastic styles!! Am honoured to among them. I hope you have a fantastic weekend doll :) Kizzy xx

  2. thats ok lovely! :) hope u also have a great weekend! xx


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