Thursday, 14 January 2016

My Jan Sales Picks - Accessories

Throughout the January I haven't had much luck finding any outfits in the sales as such, I actually hate trawling through messy sales rails only to find something you think is in your size but turns out its on the wrong hanger....ain't got time for that!

I do enjoy finding accessories though, before Christmas I saw these beauties but felt they were just abit pricey for me to be parted with any monies from my wallet - now that Christmas is over with they have all gone down to half price, some even 75% off! :)

Robot Bag - Accessorize - was £32 now £10.75

As per usual the Accessorize sale delivered, I always tend to find something in Accessorize. I loved this lil Robot bag when I saw it before Christmas but at £35 I couldn't really justify it despite my love of  novelty bags. In the sale though this is not only £10! Bargain!

Velvet Bra & My Little Pony Phone Case - Topshop - was £23 now £12, Case £5

I saw this cute set in Topshop In Oxford Circus the other week, I've been a fan of push up bras lately so wanted something that was still pretty but less padded on days in between (don't wear push up bras for days on hurts!) This velvet one ticked all the boxes, is comfortable and like most Topshop bras I find fit nicely.

The phone case was abit of a random find, there were loads of them in he sale baskets near the concessions stuff  so I picked it up having wanted a My Little pony case for my collection for a while! Not sure what the brand is tbh and neither did the cashier!

Pink Mongolian Furry Bag & Brown Furry Stole/Scarf  - New Look - Was £20, Now £8, Fur stole was £15 now £7

I saw these both in New Look Stratford City. I have been wanting a Mongolian furry bag for ages but never get round to getting one as they are so pricey. This one was just in the sales and with this blush pinky colour will go with all Spring wardrobe pallets as well as metallics :) Expect to see this one in a few outfit posts soon. The brown furry scarf I had my eyes on again for a while but couldn't afford it so jumped on it in the sale!

Silver Glitter Platforms - Boohoo - was £25, now £16

You may remember my velvet ones I blogged about just before Christmas? These were another amazing pair from Boohoos stunning partywear collection that I had to also get! so looking forward to teaming these up with socks and prints for quirky party looks.

Stars and stripes shoe laces & comic strip nail stickers - Claire's - was £5 , now £3 stickers now £2

Claires always pull off a good sale! I picked these up a some saturday treats! The shoe laces are something i thought I could jazz up some old white trainers with and remind me to book our trip to NY soon hopefully and the comic strip nails look amazing, I love nail stickers and Claire's ones usually do last well.

Have you had any lucky finds in the sales? Let me know! :)

Love, Sarah x



  1. That robot bag is such an amazing find! I've never seen something like it, a unique little piece! Good haul

    Em xx

  2. That robot bag is such an amazing find! I've never seen something like it, a unique little piece! Good haul

    Em xx

    1. thank u hun! yeh, i love robot things though have never got round to buying anything with a robot on till now, love this one though! x

  3. the nail art stickers are so fun! xx

    1. :) i love nail stickers! less damage to your nails afterwards - just wish i could paint in these styles x

  4. You got some amazing finds! That robot bag is just to die for, I'm definitely heading in tomorrow to see if they have any left!
    I always get loads of clothes in the January sales, but I do all the shopping online to avoid crowds and mess! (ASOS are great for free returns!)

    Chloe x | Snug Corner

    1. thank u hun! :) deffo have a look! there are loads still in the eastbourne store where I live! dont blame u for online sale shopping - totally fuss free, and u can do it in ur pjs! :) x

  5. That fur and those sparkly heels are awesome! What's the thrifting like in the UK? I'm planning on visiting in the summer (I think I am going to London and maybe a few other places). After Christmas is really the best time to go shopping because everything is on sale, glad you got some goodies!

    xx Belle


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