Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sunday Girl

Thigh highs take the backseat whilst knee high boots rule supreme,,, 

Floral Blouse // Asos
Black Tassel Bag // Primark

I am obsessed with my new knee highs from New Look, tbh have never owned a pair till now as was in love with the colour of them at first but now am wearing them with everything, Particularly like to wear them with my navy mac!  (aside jeans..never understood the jeans tucked in boots look!) These are now just £15 in New Look in the sales!

I also love a good pattered shirt/blouse. I fell in love with this floral one just before Christmas and had to get it for my back to work wear!

To complete this outfit, hunted down this corded skirt from Select, I really like corded stuff but its quite hard to find unless you manage to track it down in vintage shops where it can be expensive, this skirt was just £10 though and will go with pretty much everything.

Love, Sarah x

ps. Sorry for the ghosty look in my photos, winter weather is a mission to shoot in, spesh on this day cus the sky was a grey white! :) I'm not one to over-photoshop to as I'd rather you had a realistic look at what the garms actually look like instead of me tinkering with everything to make it looks over polished! Kinda looks more 70s style anyway no? :) 


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