Thursday, 21 January 2016

Maybelline - The Nude Palettes

Nude palettes have become a staple piece in my make up bag. easy to wear and with so many options to blend colours, they are a must have!

As you may be aware by now, I'm not a huge fan of premium make up brands - I'm always on the hunt for a good dupe of a more expensive product and honestly don't feel that there is much difference in quality when it comes to comparing two similar beauty products from the premium side of the scale versus high street versions.

My first nude pallet I have is my Urban Decay one (the only premium brand I like aside Two Faced) Naked palette, which I reviewed last year, however, found it wasn't good when it came to transporting it around as I'm not an early bird, I tend to do my face on the train to work to catch up on extra zzzzs.

Urban Decay have answered this issue by also making more compact travel versions with a handful of the shades shades in but it is still crazy expensive at £23 for 6 shades, so I went on the hunt for a compact nude palette that doesn't compromise on the amount of shades, a good mix of shades ranging from whites, golds to dark browns and at a good price.

Thankfully Maybelline answered my wishes by bringing out the Nude palette (the one in black) a few months ago which I absolutely adore! - at less than half the price of Urban Decay with many similar shades and make up bag friendly - result!

Just after Christmas, they also released Blushed Nudes - perfect shades for the Spring with colours ranging from white, warmer pink tones and silver.  

Although they look quite shimmery they are very subtle and can be worn during the day. 

Each palette comes with a application brush, the only way it would be made totally perfect is if it came with a mirror but this would prob bump the price up much higher. 

The nudes pallet is full of your fave typical nude colours again starting from white and sandy colours to golds and dark browns for brushing in to the eyelid crease. Sorry you can tell this was taken after I started using this one, its not a clean looking as my relatively new Blush palette ha! 

On both palettes its so easy to mix colours - I don't think I've discovered any shade that doesn't compliment another! They are perfect for wearing on their own or to mix and match, I tend to choose a lighter shade for the corner of my eye (tear ducts area) and then for the other half of my eyelid, blend in a darker shade. 

Find the Nude Palettes in Boots now - they are currently on specal offer so can get them for £7.99 instead of £10! :) 


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