Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Baby Blue Teddy Coat

     Baby Blue Teddy Coat // Bershka
          Voodoo Girl 666 Crop Sweater // Voodoo Girl Couture
 Black PU Panel Leggings // H&M

This is the last item of my little holiday haul from Barca! Totally weird to go on a sun holiday and come back with a winter coat but hey ho!

I actually read an article the other day about a lady who also recently went to Barcelona for a winter shopping trip and bought from the biggest imported Spanish brands Mango & Bershka to see how much it would cost in the equivalent of buying in the UK, adding in the costs of the flight and accommodation and it was cheaper to fly out and get them straight from Spain rather then buy in the UK! Crazy huh? May have to organise a Euro shopping trip in the new year. It did take my baggage limit over hand luggage but it was totally worth it! :)

I've been wanting a baby blue teddy coat for aaages but just finding the ones in shops were way too long and just swamped my petite frame, as soon as I spotted this one in the Portal de l'Angel store I knew I had to get it or regret it! I'm not really a fan of buying coats as they always seem to be in boring dull colours but this pastel blue shade will keep me going though in to winter and spring :)

Not only is it super snuggly, it has a nylon hood so it its raining it dosent get all soggy and horrible, I also noticed only whilst taking these pics that the whole nylon lining inside the coat attached to the hood is removable by a zipper, so if you prefer not to have the hood and just want to have the coat on its own, you can!

These Teddy coats are now also in Bershka UK stores and online in both baby blue,  baby pink or black

Love, Sarah x


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