Friday, 14 November 2014

Colourful Knits

Leather Panel Leggings // TopShop 
Lips // Barry M Lip Paint in Shocking Pink
Gloves // Primark

Managed to squeeze this shoot in at lunchtime just before the rain came back! Was kinda hoping the Shetland Ponies would be there as well but they have vanished and we now have a small herd of donkeys including the weird donkey-cow print one which me and my colleagues are not sure if this one is a cow or a donkey! Not seen one like this before but he's the most friendliest of the bunch!

Just wanted to show a couple of new additions to my knitwear stuffs, I'm usually more of a jumpers or sweaters girl as I find knitwear so expensive and hard to keep looking nice as they always shrink or lose shape so easily. This jumper was something I spotted in the BHS sale whilst out maternity shopping with my sister a couple of weeks ago and liked it so much I went back for it. Its actually by the Teen wear section Tammy Girl (if you wear born in the 80's you will remember Tammy when it was part of Etam and had loads of cool clothes - so wish it would come back! Spent most of my early teenage years lusting over everything in there!) This is a size 10-11 but fits perfectly as most childrens wear stuff usually does if ur a fellow shorty girl :) There's no stupid length issue with the arms or it looking more like a dress! Yay! petite girl win! :)

Best thing I like is that it is a mix of nice bright colours. Colourful knitwear is perfect for brightening up dark winter days in the office and is easy to style. I'm wearing my beloved old pair of leather panel leggings I bought from Topshop a few years back which are sadly getting very worn now and peeling (ewww) so I will be on the hunt for a new pair soon. Calzedonia has actually just opened a new store in Brighton so I may head over there and check out what they might have to offer.

Finally, I'll give a mention to my rainbow scarf & gloves - how cute are they! These are new in at Primark at the moment and I LOVE them!! I hate buying gloves and scarfs usually and tend to stick to neutral colours to avoid clashing with any other outfits but I couldn't resist these. They all seem to be dip dyed as they all look totally individual with no pair looking the same. The scarf I haven't worn out yet as its not quite cold enough down here in Sussex but I can't wait to wear it out, am almost willing the weather to get colder so I can!

Love, Sarah x


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  1. this jumper is amazing! theres nothing better than a good snuggly jumper in winter! id love it if youd comment back xx


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