Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Be My Medicine For Reality

Mustard Check Bodycon Dress // Missguided (sold out - keep checking back tho!)
Studded Boots // Pretty Little Thing
Pikachu Choker // @LittleFoxCraftz (Instragram)
90's Choker // Ebay

Am writing this post tucked up under my blanket, snuggled on the sofa feeling sorry for myself as a pesky cold has snuck up on me! I'm not usually one to whine and moan about getting coughs and colds but this ones leaving me feeling sicky as well..best get it over n done with before Christmas I spose though! 

I've been itching to show off this Missguided Mustard check dress for a while, its one of my favourite things at the moment as its a fairly thick material which again is perfect for this time of year and of course, I still love all things mustard yellow! Really want a studded black bag to go with this dress though.

Lastly, the Pikachu choker - how cuute is this!! I love Pokemon and still have kept my pokeball, pokedex, posters, cards and pokemon handbook still from when I was about 11 and my sole ambition in life was to either be a Pokemon master or the next Kylie/Jennifer Lopez lol! This was a lucky n random find thru Instragram & Ebay and she sells other cute necklaces that are Disney themed too :) - take a look! 

Love, Sarah  x


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