Tuesday, 11 November 2014

After Dark We Dance

Studded Ankle Boots // Pretty Little Thing
Black Leather Jacket // Pretty Little Thing
Pearl Necklace //  Vivienne Westwood

Definitely starting to feel alot more christmassy now, the Boots Christmas gift guide has become my cosmetics wish list whilst I circle everything I like inside, the John Lewis Ad with the cutest little penguin has now been released (I actually waited until I could go home and watch it in full without having to explain to my colleagues why I was crying lol!) and it now feels officially ok to wear sequins for both day and night without feeling OTT! I'm a big lover of glitter, jacquard and jewel colours but sadly they are only really appropriate for this time of year!

It was my mum and dads pearl anniversary this weekend so we headed up to London to see Mamma Mia in the Novello Theatre near Leicester Square.

I wanted to wear something special and decided on this amazing iridescent sequined number from Motel (the Gabby Dress) It is one of the most popular and quite possibly the most blogged about Motel Dress ever but I can totally see why. It suits anyone, the sequins hold on really well (You would have to maliciously damage this dress in order to lose any sequins) unlike most other sequined or embellished garments and the quality is top notch,  The material that holds the sequins quite thick which keeps you snug if you are out in the evening, and quite possibly the best best is that its iridescent so when you move in it the sequins got from a green to bluey colour .Its sooo sparkly!

I've seen alot of retailers make cheaper copies of this dress recently but they don't have any of these above features to them. The Motel Gabby dress is obvs more expensive at £59 but Motel very often do 20% discounts on full price items and tbh its worth it for the quality as well - I can see this been worn again and again for events in the future and due to its quality will still feel new and special.

Love, Sarah x

PS. Sorry for the crappy picture quality, had to take these pretty quick and inside in low light as it was busy in the theatre & Starbucks!

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