Thursday, 7 July 2016

Beachy Duster

This white lace duster is perfect for beach cover ups and festivals :)

White Lace Duster // Forever 21 (similar here
Snake Print Shorts // Topshop
White Boyfriend Vesty Tee // Pretty Little Thing

I ment to shoot this one agges ago but never got round to it so I took some pics whilst out yesterday eve on the beach!

I bought this lacey duster on a whim back in February whilst shopping around during LFW. I have had to cut ALOT of the bottom (short girl issues) as it was wayyy to long so its now wearable!

I didn't wear it much in the spring but have dug it out now as its actually a really nice cover up for the beach or possibly festival wearing!

The shorts are ollldd but i have noticed that snake print is making abit of a come back lately so i have also dug these out. they are just about the only shorts that I have left that fit me! *sob* as I have expanded quite alot in the butt department over the last year or so that why these now look like micro hot pants - I can assure you they weren't 4-5 years ago when I bought them! I'm kinda embracing my new curves now though. Just means I may need to go shopping for some new shorts which is never a bad thing!

love, sarah x


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