Thursday, 11 February 2016

Neck Ties & Boho Layering

Trying out the new season trends - The neck tie is fast becoming my new favourite accessory.. 

Grey Ribbed Midi Dress // Ebay (coming to a Depop near you!)
Nightfall Dress // Gypsy Warrior
Grey Bandana, Pink Mongolian Furry bag & Silver Hair clickers // New Look
(now buy one get one free in New Look!)

The infamous Gypsy Warrior dress is back - though to be honest it wasn't intended! I had actually planned to wear the grey ribbed dress I'm wearing underneath but when it arrived the other day I realised it was actually a midi dress, rather than a maxi dress which the eBay seller had!!

Its only one of a few my eBay faux pas though I've had over the years but this one was pretty annoying as I have been wanting a long sleeved maxi in grey for ages and was chuffed when I came across this Asos one on eBay..ah well - will prob end up adding this to Depop soon or just saving for workwear as its far to clingy and Kardashian like for me to want to wear at the weekend!

So I threw my trusty mesh dress over the top, its one of very few items in my wardrobe that gets worn regularly and I could never be without it. I prob should of done a how to wear this dress at least 10 different ways posts instead of the last two posts but oh well! Guess its a good thing to start wearing my wardrobe more often instead of new outfits all the time.

My fave thing though is the newest trend for this season - the neck tie. I used to wear alot of neck ties when I was a teen but am pleased these are making a comeback but as bandana neck ties! I have been stocking up on all different colours lately and love how they make make any outfit look chic in a few seconds! expect to see these making an appearance in alot of upcoming posts (which hopefully won't include my gypsy warrior dress!!)

Love, Sarah x


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