Monday, 15 February 2016

The UNIF Frost Dupe..

Nothing beats a good dupe or candy coloured houses! Would love to live in a little colourful house like this! :)

Here I have found a copy of the blogger fave the Frost sweater and made a DIY version of the Lazy Oaf x Ragged Priest Total Mess Jeans!

Blue Jeggings (customised) // Primark
Lilac Satchel // River Island 
Pink Fluffy Keyring // Molly Trubody

The UNIF Frost sweater has been the blogger sweater this season, however, due to that it was constantly sold out and that it was pretty pricey I didn't get it. I went on a scout to find a dupe and found this pretty amazing dupe for just £15! 

Sites such as SheIn & Choies have pretty good dupes of alot of brands and, (so long as you don't need the item quickly as they come from China), is a great way to get hold of fashionable lookalike garms for a fraction of the cost! Although I was sceptical at first, and as ever, you have gotta be careful when shopping online, I definitely recommend these two sites and everything I have bought has been really good quality and as described :) 

I am totally obsessed with these Choies trainers too, they are incredibly comfortable and so eye catching. I tried to customise them with some pink fluff but they didn't exactly work as planed so am gonna try spray painting the fluff next until I find some actual pink fluffy fabric! :) 

I also had a DIY moment with these Primark Jeans - Ragged Priest collaborated with Lazy Oaf not to long ago and made some amazing jeans with some pretty simple to copy marker pen writing on the knees, however at the price of £65 I thought I could easily copy this and make my own version for just £10 here. DIY writing with a fabric marker pen and made my own knee rips, easy peasy! 

Have you got any good dupes websites that you can recommend or have any DIY ideas for any clothes you have seen lately? let me know! :) 

Love,  Sarah x 



  1. This is such a great find! I love Unif and this sweater in particular, it's amazing you found such a good dupe for it. I'm useless with diy stuff but your jeans look great too. Love how you've styled your outfit and that lilac choker is so cute. Katie xx

    1. thank you hun! :) I love finding dupes, i dont see the point buying something more expensive if its something I can make or can track down online as a similar copy :) x

  2. Great look, original style , so girly and preppy ... I love the satchel and the little pink choker !


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