Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mongolian Fluffies & Camo layering..

I give camouflage a girly/grunge twist with a pink mesh dress and fluffy bag...

Nightfall Sheer Maxi Dress // Gypsy Warrior
Mongolian Pink Faux Fur Bag // New Look
Purple Floral Spiked Headband & Lion Finger Tattoo // Topshop
Boots // Boohoo 

Sorry for my very tired face! has been a crazy week! You may also note in these as well as my dark circles I have what looks like cling film wrapped around my right index finger..that's because I randomly managed to cut myself - not quite sure on what!! - and all I had whilst shooting was some left over cling film in my pocket so that had to do the job for a while! luckily noticed before getting blood all over my fluffy bag and pale pink dress, that would of been a nightmare! The not so glamorous life of a fashion blogger! I should do a post with  my blooper photos in it one day so you can see all the crap I go through to take photos lol! :)

Anyway! on to the outfit, I finally managed to get my hands on a camo shirt. A pretty well known staple piece, camo is great for layering over so many things and it just goes with nearly everything! I don't know why I have waited so long before finally getting one. I know I'll be getting plenty of wear out of it.

Here I've teamed it up with my fave Gypsy Warrior pink maxi I posted about not so long ago with the pentagram harness. it kind of gives it a cool grungy edge to the pink and gives it a more casual look.

I couldn't resist throwing in a couple of sales buys - my mongolian furry bag which I found one in London in the sales a few weeks back and these very Cara D style lion finger tattoos - she's always been a huge style crush of mine! :)

ooohh, speaking of fashion queens, I managed to get tickets for London Fashion Weekend in a couple of weeks! yay! :) It will be my first one, let me know if you're going and what you plan on wearing (unless its top secret of course!) Can't wait to see fellow fashion lovers there!

Love, Sarah x

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