Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Pentagram Harness

Rose Pink Mesh Maxi Dress // Gypsy Warrior
Black Wide Brim Fedora // TK Maxx
Black 20's style Bralet (worn underneath) // Ann Summers
Black Biker Boots (old)

I'm still obsessed with all things mesh seeing as its not really that cold yet, sneakily sneaking as much wear out of these in the next couple of weeks possible! 

This is the dress that you may remember I mentioned in a post just before I went on honeymoon about that I picked up in the Gypsy Warrior in the Labour day sale. Its is just perfect for layering and more importantly is the perfect length for petite ladies, yay!

I love mesh cus it also allows you not only to get creative with layering but they are great for showing off undergarments as well - if u wear them over the top or underneath! underwear is outerwear! :) 

This strappy cage harness pentagram top is fab for wearing underneath or over the top of your clothes as shown - I really wanted to get one to experiment with different looks you can create, I love harness straps worn over the top of shirts as well - will def have to try this in the future! :)  

Do you have any other tips for rocking a harness? Share your tips below!

Love, Sarah x 



  1. I love the dress specially the hat. Where did you get i? <3
    Spices & Everything Nice

  2. thank u :) the hat was from TK Maxx x x


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