Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I pay a quick homage to Prada's AW16 styling, minus the Sony NEX-5...

Corset Belt // DIY 
Grey Thigh High Boots // Primark

A couple of weeks ago I went in to the hairdressers for my 3 monthly roots touch up. I'm usually there for hours (damn you fine, aubany hair!!) whilst they bleach it up in which time I usually read a book and every magazine the salon has to offer. 

Whilst there reading editions of Glamour & Elle I stumbled across a feature on Prada's AW campaign earlier this year and totally fell in love with the styling. Miuccia Prada had explained backstage at her AW16 show that it was inspired by the idea of a Vagabond, all outfits were incredibly detailed, experimenting with layering and different textures - with one eye catching detail that struck me on most of the models which was a large corset belt worn in a fairly undone way.

This look has definitely inspired me to try this over the top of my 70s maxi dresses I lived in last year to give them a new season update, Although this DIY belt is far from finished. I wanted to make the edging look as raw as possible so I took an old pair of jeans and ripped along the seams for a frayed raw look. 

The only newness on this one is my new grey thigh boots, pleased to now say I own a pair of thigh highs in black, brown and grey now with all three being different in that they are different heel sizes and fabrics! 

PS. Sorry about the poor quality pictures, as you may of seen on my Instagram or Twitter, my camera faceplanted itself last time I was out with it (despite being on a flat service on its tripod!!) and fell in to a cosy pile of leaves. 

Only then did I pick it up to find the lens had totally disjointed and now its completely broken with Jessops quoting more to repair than the whole camera cost me to buy new in 2013! :'( hopefully will think of a new alternative as whilst there is always a phone camera its no where near as good as I do miss my camera alot. 

If you are solo shooting on a tripod though and find yourself minus a camera than the Timercam app  and a Joby Griptight mount for universal tripods are a good make do. The app is free and you can set a timer for up to 15 seconds and the Joby comes in at only £7.99 from John Lewis. You can pick up the next day from store or a Waitrose if they deliver to yours. That's how I'm making do for the moment! 

Love, Sarah x 

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  1. that dress looks incredible on you! xxx


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