Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hola Chica!

Hola Chica Cactus Pumps // H&M
Aviator Sunglasses // Accessorize
Denim Rucksack // Primark 
Furry Pompom // River Island
Henna // Pavan Henna @ Selfridges

I have to admit I actually shot this a while back when it was too hot to wear this but was a really windy day! lol! I couldnt wait much longer to show you my amazing jumpsuit solemate with this  lovely from Topshop though,

Khaki is also another trend that never goes away for A/W. This year instead of the usual khaki skinnys or shirts I've opted for this incredibly comfy jumspsuit, a cool bit of Sunday dress down for when the 70s platforms and little skirts feel abit too dressy and painful (cus lets face it, being in platforms all seasons gonna take its toll on our feet abit!)

Pockets are a great feature on this one as its got two on the top and then two slouchy ones at the waist which I loveee! That and its a really good fit on petite girls too which is a refreshing change from seeing so many gorgeous party style jumpsuits but then having to put them back cus unless you have legs like Gisele you ain't gonna be able to wear them. Not that it dosent stop me trying them on first though just to make sure!

Oh! I can't really go without mentioning the pumps, how cute are they!! Picked these fun little shoes up in H&M back in May/June and adore them and their colourful cactus chica design. I don't have many outfits that go with them as was hoping to find something to totally match them but haven't found anything just yet. They go nicely and add a pop of colour to this jumpsuit though :)

love, Sarah  x


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  1. Wow I've never seen a jumpsuit in this color before and without any patterns, and I must say that I really like it! Even with the Hola Chicas shoes you look sort of bad-ass, I'm loving that! :)
    //Sara xx


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