Saturday, 1 August 2015

Pavan Henna @ Selfridges

Whilst I was up in London a couple of weeks ago I also popped into the Selfridges Beauty Workshop (very quickly becoming one my fave places!) to visit the lovely ladies of Pavan Henna and to get my first ever henna tattoo done!

Henna is really growing in popularity here in the UK, with demand being particularly high at the this time of year for celebrations such as Eid taking place and also henna being used for festivals is quite popular now also. I was really excited to give henna a try! 

Henna tattoos are created by henna artists who draw on the design to your skin with traditional henna paste with clove oil and eucalyptus oil to enhance the colour. These ladies are really talented at what they do and can create either a design of your choice or if you are unsure of what you want you can get totally lost in their henna design book of designs they have done before.. choosing which one you want can be difficult as they are all soo nice! so would advice to do your research and have an idea in mind. 

At the Pavan Henna bar they have a henna menu which includes henna trails (a design that can go from your fingers to just past your wrist), ankle, full arm or full hand. They also sell temporary tattoos, bindis and stick on gems or you can buy henna cones from them if you fancy trying to do your own henna designs!

henna cones, bindis and temporary tattoos
I wanted something custom for my first design so I went with a traditional design around my wrist, which then turned abit azteccy with a pyramid, shield and crescent moon with some european style flowers on the fingers, 

The clay stuff tingles abit when its on for a few minutes and then once dry hardens and then easily comes off to reveal the tattoo underneath!

Visit Pavan Henna in Selfridges Beauty Workshop. or if you want to see some of their henna designs follow their instagram page 

Love sarah x


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