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St Tropez Gradual Tan - In Shower Lotion

St Tropez Gradual Tan - In Shower Lotion...does it work as well as other gradual tanning lotions, or just a tanning no no? ...

After seeing this advertised around online a few weeks back before release I was instantly intrigued. I have not really adventured much in to fake tanning products over recent years mainly due to that I am always terrified I will turn too orange or streaky and I can't stand the smell. I have tried a range of gradual tanning products from brands such as Dove, Garnier, Famous Daves and wayy back in the day I used to buy little instant tanning wipes (can't remember what make they were!) for £2.50 from Superdrug which actually did a really good job! Have not seen them in stores since the early 2000s though!

Gradual tan is great for fellow tanning skeptics as you can control the level of colour you go, the colour builds up gradually with use so the more often you use it the darker the tan you get .

I liked the sound of the new St Tropez Tan lotion as you could put it on in the shower which would suggest it doesn't smell horrid and after seeing loads of testers reviews giving it really good scores I thought I would give the ol fake tan another chance!

With sweet almond oil its also clinically proven to hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours, so there's no need to moisturise afterwards, making it perfect for busy lifestyles. I have decided to try it for 7 days on my legs as my upper body tans really easily but my legs not so much if at all!

How does it work? 

1) Fully cleanse and wash in a warm shower

2) With the shower off, generously apply the lotion in circular motions with your hands to your wet skin to create an even coverage - Don't forget to wash your hands afterwards!

3) Wait three mins before stepping back in to the shower to rinse off fully with warm water

4) Gently dry yourself (pat dry) before getting dresses. after showering the self tan actives will start to work, developing gradually


Have used about four times whilst having a shower. Its definitely not like other gradual tanning lotions where u get a subtle glow within a few hours after first use so if your thinking of applying this just the day before a night out, don't! you will need to start using it much earlier!

Its recommended for use as a day to day glowy tan which is exactly what it does! You need to try and include it in your shower routine as I reckon it fades pretty quick if you don't.

So as pros go it does exactly what it says on the bottle and from online copy I have read, but if you are expecting it to be a good holiday tan or for evening out I wouldn't recommend it and would say you need to try something else or go down the instant tan route rather than gradual tan which I don't know this came across in the advert for it as well. For me its not really come up as a dark enough tan that I would want for summer nights out or a holiday but perfect for day to day wear.

Does it streak or smell horrid?

smell wise, its just lightly scented but dosent stain towels, clothes or make u smell horrible so top marks there!

I haven't had any streaky issues with it but have noticed the odd darker blob on my left foot (see above pic!) which I'm not sure how or why its darker there, maybe different type of skin. I did exfoliate my legs before use so not sure if this had any effect on how dark the tan goes but for my skin I def needed to exfoliate as well cus my skins very bumpy! my feet are all around slightly darker any way as they naturally tan more than my legs do!

The moisturiser almond oil stuff that's in it also works a treat, haven't used any other body lotions since and my skin is notably softer

So would I recommend? yes! but only to those who want a subtle glow for day wear not for evenings or holidays I'm afraid!

love sarah x


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  1. sounds like an interesting product! luckily for me I tan pretty easily x)



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