Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Wasted Youth

Mickey Mouse Frayed Denim Hotpants - H&M - http://www.hm.com/gb/
Wasted Youth Crop Boxy Tee - Ebay
Spiked Hi-Tops - Ebay
Red Leopard Print Bow Hairband - H&M
Metallic Silver Sports Bag - Primark

Yus, that is a bath tub!

Bit of a drastic change of scenery instead of my recent posts of the lovely resevoir and the beach! This is our backyard behind the flat, full of crap and stuff the hotel next door no longer wants which gets chucked out the back for scrap. However, it does mean there are lots of random things out there to shoot with, and I kinda like this style of shoot with a gritty edge in high contrast filter specially when its a disney print item involved. Disney clothes to me were made to be designed for streetwear and I couldn't resist making these cheeky mickey mouse hotpants look street instead of cutesey!

I had been scouting all over the place for a pair of ripped/distressed shorts that I could wear on my holidays but kept finding every pair was miles to big for me or reeeeally expensive so when I spotted these in H&M it made my day. Disney print has been HUGE the last couple of years with models from Bobby Abley, Givenchy & D&G rocking disney character printed stuffs down the catwalk. These cute nostalgic prints show no sign of dying out yet!

H&M Divided is often a saviour for me, The prints are always really out there and unique and everything fits true to size. Everything is purse friendly as well, I often find better stuff in H&M for half the price of something fairly basic from TopShop. Just wish we had a H&M in Eastbourne!

Love, Sarah x


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