Monday, 30 October 2017


Chatting about my fave online fashion campaign of the year and another fabulous charity shop find! 

Teal Coat // John Rocha (Charity Shop)
Grey Suede Boots // Primark 
Tiger Print Bag // Current Mood

Sorry for lack of posting again! My blogging has been truly terrible this year having missed all spring and pretty much half of my fave season, autumn.. Thankfully with my new time off scenario (more on that later) I had time to shoot a couple of outfits today.  Que lots of squeezing in wears of leather jackets, thigh boots with sheer tights and long sleeved T's till it really is too cold to wear them over the next few weeks!

The coat is my new fave, another Haywards Heath charity shop find. It looks totally unworn by its previous owner and cost just £7! :) Think it was a British Heart Foundation shop. 
I LOVE the colour, it really brightens up my darker outfits. I am now committed to wearing more black as I am now working in a salon this is the uniform colour I have to wear. So I'll be def separating my wardrobe in to fun weekendy things and my black gothicky salon attire! 

This cute little black Boohoo tea dress was actually bought with another occasion in mind which was our wedding anniversary earlier this month. I am obsessed with all things from Boohoo at the moment and particularly their #allgirls campaign which I think more brands need to start to do.

The campaign features girls of all shapes, sizes and colour which makes such a refreshing change of the usual models who are all exactly the same height, body type and more often then not have had some kind of surgery done here as well as a mountain of photo-shopping. Its not always a realistic to advertise clothes when using these models as it doesn't represent every girl out there. So here we have the #allgirls campaign which I'm loving. Its so nice to see realistic models! 

It would be great if the high street also followed suit and had different mannequin shapes and sizes as well as ones with disabilities too. Hopefully one day in the not too distant future this will happen!

Love, Sarah x  


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