Saturday, 4 November 2017

Rainbow Vinyl

Following in the footsteps of Gucci's AW17 rainbow looks with this swoonworthy knit!

Rainbow Knit Jumper // Daisy Street (sold out!) 
Tiger Print Bag // Current Mood

This jumper is a dream! I have been wanting something like this so long so when I saw it on Daisy Street a few weeks back I jumped on it. Unfortunately its taken me an age to pop it on the blog as I've gone and changed jobs..again! This time with my health and freetime in mind.

 My new role is local and in a salon! It allows me to spend more time doing things I never have time for as I'm now working 4 days a week instead of 5. I'm also on my feet the full time I'm at work now so I should be healthier for that too (may not show till after Christmas probably!) so far am really enjoying it as its fast paced and all the customers think I'm cute :D 

I did do a full 6 day week last week for my first one and with each day being just under 12 hours long I was shattered. Those three days off (sun, mon, tues) felt amazing and I got to go out in the lovely Autumness and make these cute pics in all the leaves! 

The vinyl trousers are also a new addition. You most definitely want to size up of you get these as they are very unforgiving on the waist but they look awesome and are so worth it :) look forward to trying these with other outfit combinations later in the season. 

Love, Sarah x 


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