Sunday, 10 September 2017

Chasing the Sun

Not feelin ready to let Summer go just yet... 

Rainbow Maxi Prom Dress // Charity Shop 

Still not over the fact I got THIS DRESS from a charity shop earlier this week! After spotting it in the window of Help the Aged, Hayward's Heath, last Friday I was completely in love. 

Luckily it waited for me as I saw it was still there on my walk to work after the weekend and just went straight in and bought it without trying it on or anything, thankfully it fits perfectly and I loveeee it! 

I wore it out to the Eastbourne Steampunk Festival today (not really going with the theme, but hey ho)  There was a bloke with a crossbow and a lady with a frog on her head, pugs in top hats etc so I thought well why can't I then go along in my rainbow dress for today as everyone's super dressed up? So I did! :) 

I've been going to the festival the last couple of years, though last year it was abit of a let down (weather wise) whereas it was really nice out yesterday so you could stroll around the stalls, watch the bands and belly dancers in the sunny sun sun. If your about in the area I'd def recommend you go to check it out! 

Love, Sarah x

PS. Like the trippy fillterey look? Played with the brush filter on Glitche app to get this effect! 


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  1. Looking like the utter rainbow dream of gorgeousness that you totally are sweet Sarah! I'm LOVING this beautiful dress on you, you look like you've landed from the most holographic heaven. What a fab find this gem was, it was totally made for you 100%. The festival sounds like so much fun, you're totally keeping summer alive for me <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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