Thursday, 31 August 2017

Beauty: Lush Secret Arts Jelly Bath Bomb Review

I don't think your ready for this jelly.. 

"You will LOVE this!" said the super enthusiastic guy I met whilst in Lush a couple of weeks ago,

He took me over to the newest products on show which were Jelly Bombs- The latest product for bath bomb fans such as myself so I was definitely intrigued.

There were four in the new range to choose from, The Big Sleep, Marmalade, Green Coconut, and the one I had heard the most hype about - Secret Arts - after its Harry Potter-esk links. Unlike all other Lush bombs which create something of a rainbow in your tub, this one is definitely for releasing your inner goth as its literally a black bath bomb.

I was pretty unsure as my inner goth probably goes as far as wearing black on Halloween (and sometimes not even once a year!) so if the hype wasn't on the Secret Arts one, I would of just played it safe and gone for The Big Sleep - a pretty green and blue jelly bomb. But my curiosity got the better of me and I picked up this mysterious Secret Arts Jelly bomb and thought I'd give it a go.

It was actually my favourite of all the scents of the other jelly bombs, it has a sweet orange oil scent and almond oil to keep your skin super smooth.

So what are the Jelly Bombs? 

Unlike usual bath bombs, these ones release a jelly which comes from mineral rich seaweed. It defiantly gives an interesting texture to the water but from what I experienced it wasn't quite the goo bath I hoped for (being someone who would LOVE to get gunged on that 90's TV show Get Your Own Back!)

Goo and slime textures don't faze me one bit so I was hoping that this was gonna make my goo bath dreams a reality but unfortunately I realised that the Jelly stuff only really stays on the surface on the water, and if I'm honest didn't really leave me feeling that great about bathing in it tbh. However I did feel like I was swimming in a tub of Dementors so I did get abit of a Harry Potter vibe!

Was probably the quickest bath I've ever had as I didn't like being in it long, I think this also was due to the colour of the water though, it felt more like I was bathing in an oil slick than a fun gooey bath. I really wanted to try and like this but just didn't I'm afraid.

The more it dissolves you get to an interesting pink centre, this doesn't change the colour much though but I kinda prefer it in that way as the water does do to an impressive glistening black.

I was particularly nervous about it touching my hair in case it accidentally coloured it so I kept my hair up high. I didn't find that the jelly stained my skin (thank goodness) but it definitely stained the bath :( 

In conclusion,  I'd probably give this one a miss, mainly due to staining and that I still just didn't feel that fab Lush clean feeling afterwards. Any bath bomb that means I need to don a pair of gloves and arm myself with a bottle of Cif afterwards to clean up the mess doesn't really do it for me, I wanna get out the bath feeling pampered and not to clean up!

Hardcore Potter fans or those who live #allinblack may want to give this a try... I'll stick to my faves Intergalactic and The Experimenter for rainbowness and glitter in future!

Have you tried one of the Lush Jelly Bombs? What did you make of them? Comment below and let me know!

Love, Sarah xx


  1. This jelly bath bomb looks gorgeous! I'm loving the black vibes with the pretty pink centre, so different and unique from the usual bath bomb. I also really love the sound of a jelly bomb. Sad that this didn't turn out to be too promising, I'm with you on Intergalactic, what a magical rainbow dream that babe of a bath bomb is :D You've totally brought back all the nostalgia too, I loved that 90s show Get Your Own Back. They should definitely bring it back on our screens <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. omg yeh! what happened to all the shows on tv where u got gunged! they were the best! sadly still not won over by the jelly bath bombs though, I may give one of the more colourful ones a try and see if that changes my mind. Felt abit out of my comfort zone with this one! x

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