Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Cry Baby

Sporting a new raglan baseball style sleeved tee today, (can never have enough of these!)

Cry Babies Cropped Raglan Top // P&Co
Meow Choker // Forever 21
Mom Jeans // Stradivarius
Fishnets // Primark
Silver Conversey Plimsoles // Primark

Sorry for the random break! I sorta disappeared off all social things over Easter and in to the following week too. Oops.

That said, it was nice to take the time away and think about new posts without stressing. I've just chilled out and allowed myself the break. which is totally cool especially if you also work at the same time as finding time to blog is a bitch as it is, spesh when April for the last two weeks has been abit on the cold side, even snowy.. pretty uninspiring for doing spring fashion shoots!

To get my blogging mojo back, I decided to try and stop trawling through all the new in summery stuff thats been to cold to wear lately and looked up a cool new brand to obsess over instead - that being P&Co who make awesome tops such as the baseball style one I'm wearing here.

You can never go wrong with a raglan tee, spesh one with cool backprints such as these, I may be tempted to wear back-to-front as well as I love the back print on this Cry Babies One! They have recently restocked these so head up to their website to get your raglan tee fix,

Love, Sarah x


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