Friday, 7 April 2017

Baby Blue

 Lolita Pretty in this cool blue pastel hue, Pastels are awesome!

Blue Mesh Dress // New Look 
Lilac Backpack // River Island
Pink Babydoll Shoes // Ebay

Managed to catch some rays last weekend whilst it lasted! it was great to finally have thin tights weather and feel like we could get the legs out at last, think there is still a good couple of weeks before the weather is a little more consistent though. Lets hope this weekend is another good one!

After my grey mesh dress last December I was hoping to find a more colourful version for spring, I spotted this gorgeous one in New Look a few weeks back in London and knew I had to have it! Its also just £15 in comparison to other mesh dresses out there that are almost double the price that's really good! 

I really like the raw waist line of this dress as it adds so much detail, I almost threw a belt over the top but decided against it as it covered it and also took away the comfy baggyness of it. Its meant to be slightly baggy as these are made for layering and wearing over things. 

Someone NEEDS to make more mesh dresses all the colours of the rainbow, I'd buy them all! 

Love, Sarah x

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  1. My favourite colour, baby blue!! Love this lots x


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