Wednesday, 8 March 2017

3 years of Sarah in Wonderlust

2016 was a rough year, fact.

I just read over my 2 years blog post I wrote almost a year ago and almost laughed about how things didn't work out the way I thought they were going to last year! Life never works out quite how you expect.

What I have taken away from my last year of blogging and life though is that I NEED to enjoy life more. We were so focused on work last year that everything. literally everything took a backseat.

The big holiday to Germany was cancelled, jobs were switched, Uni was started and quit,  and we worked out that it will still take us many years to save to get to a home of our own even with the new improved salary. We (me & the boy) barely saw each other and only had 5 date nights throughout the whole year. FIVE and that's including the couple of days in Monaco.

The blog also didn't get much love and hasn't done lately either, or not to the level I would like it to be.

I know this sounds abit like a late New Years post but it kinda is. Its never to late to decide to make a change and you don't need to wait till the moment on NYE after Robbie's sang Let Me Entertain You for the trillionth time as the Fireworks go off on Southbank. to think about making a new start or turning over a new leaf.

My blog is something I enjoy so much and really keeps me going so I'm def sticking at it and bringing some fab posts together for 2017. :)

Last year, your favourite posts included a couple of classes with bakery and millinery so I'm hoping to go hunting for a couple of classes to get in to this year and bring to the blog to inspire you to try new things!

Aiming once more as well for two holidays/travel posts for this year and a couple of hauls as I know they are loved loooads as well!

Here's some pictures of my fave posts from last year. What was your fave post or what would you like to see more of on Sarah in Wonderlust?

Garden Party 
grey on grey


Grannys attic

Shes the bottle blonde

New romantics

bad sport

princess candyfloss


patch crazy @LFW 

Love, sarah x

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