Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Hello Spring!

So ready for some Spring weather! Here's my take on the Gucci Spring style jacket!

PU Skirt // Primark
Yellow Knit Top (Worn underneath) // H&M

Recognise the jacket from my wish list last month? Yeah I got it! 

Boohoo happened to have 20% off this Gucci-esk biker jacket beauty so I jumped at it as it was one of those timed deal things they often have on the website! 

Regrets? 0

It literally has my two loves for any jacket - studs and embroidery but all in one, it is the perfect upgrade for my leather jacket I lost at my wedding (not the handpainted dinosaur one but a plain one) as this one can be worn out in the rain whereas with my painted one I have to be very careful with it. 

I have recently noticed that jackets (spring and autumnal ones) seem to have a prominent part in my wardrobe as I have more than anything else, different materials, studded ones, painted, covered in patches.. love them! 

Will definitely be making the most of these over the next couple of months of Spring! Come at me Springness with your sunshiney weather, lighter evenings and bank holidays! 

Love, Sarah x 

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